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We are your trusted provider of quality storage trailers, refrigerated trailers, cartage services, and road equipment. With a legacy spanning 45 years in the industry, Trident Leasing has been a reliable partner for Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee businesses.

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction led us to establish Trident Leasing as a distinct brand in 2017, focusing specifically on delivering top-notch products and services in the transportation and logistics sector.

Storage Options

At Trident Leasing, we offer a diverse range of solutions to meet your unique needs. Our 53×102″ storage trailers provide ample space and durability to securely store your goods. For temperature-controlled storage requirements, our 53’x102″ refrigerated trailers are equipped with advanced cooling systems to ensure the freshness and integrity of your perishable products.

When it comes to cartage and road equipment, Trident Leasing has you covered with our 53×102″ cartage equipment and ROAD equipment. These trailers are designed to handle the demands of transportation tasks, providing reliability and efficiency throughout your operations.

Our 53×102″ Duraplates and container chassis combo units are built to withstand the rigors of the road, offering durability and versatility for various transport needs.

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Quality Equipment and Service

At Trident Leasing, we pride ourselves on delivering quality equipment, exceptional customer service, and reliable solutions for all your transportation and storage requirements. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to understanding your unique needs and providing customized solutions to help your business thrive.


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